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Google+ Poll

Google+ Poll Results

Here are the results of an informal Google+ Poll that was conducted over the last 24 hrs.

We had 590 responses and this is an informal poll, so probably lots of flaws, but the results show pretty much what you 'd expect.


Google+ Tip - Tagging

Just saw this great tip from JD Thomas:

Just a tip for some of the newer G+ joiners. When using the +Name method to tag a person in a post or in the sharing control line, you can use any part of their name.

If you have a lot of Williams or Michaels in your circles, the way I do, you can more easily tag them using +Lastname so it finds the correct person more quickly.

Thanks JD!

Google+ Posting Tip - The Drop Down Menu

Some people can get overwhelmed by the comments on g+.

Luckily there's a feature to help you out.

At the top right of your post, you can see a small arrow in a circle. Clicking on this arrow reveals a drop down menu with tons of options.

Useful, isn't it? You can edit your post, moderate comments, disable them and even prevent reshares.

Fun Chrome Extension for Google+: 1-UP

1-Up for Google+

This is a cool extension that changes your +1 icon into the Super Mario 1up Mushroom.

Complete with sound!

Grab it here
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Using The Mobile Google+ Site On Desktop

If you are interested in using the g+ mobile site on desktop. (to get the "Nearby" feature for example) Use the below link.

With a browser like Chrome, you can also tear off the tab and use it as a lightweight desktop app!

Chinese Google+ Button

Designer Riku Lu has come up with these awesome 圈我 (circle me) buttons.

Click on the image to go to the download page.

Google+ Wallpapers

Check out these fantastic g+ wallpapers from Riku Lu.

Click on the images to go the source page.