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Google Plus adds Circle Sharing Links to Sidebar

Just noticed that Google had added a "Share this Circle" link to the sidebar in Google+.

When you're viewing the stream of a particular circle it appears on the right.

"Google+ is Google itself"

Great interview with Google VP of Product Bradley Horowitz in Wired, where he talks about how Google+ will soon be integrated with all Google products, giving a seamless user experience.

“Until now, every single Google property acted like a separate company. Due to the way we grew, through various acquisitions and the fierce independence of each division within Google, each product sort of veered off in its own direction. … But Google+ is Google itself. We’re extending it across all that we do—search, ads, Chrome, Android, Maps, YouTube—so that each of those services contributes to our understanding of who you are.”
via TNW and Wired

Google Plus Adds New Games Link

A look at your Main Google Plus page today will reveal that Google has added a new link to it's games page.

Looks like Google is trying encourage more people to play Google+ games. There's certainly a good range to choose from with new games being added all the time

New Views.

Hey all, as you can see, if you've visited us before, we've changed the look of the site.

We're now using Blogger's "Dynamic View" templates. We like them as they're clean, simple and YOU the visitor can control what you see.

Check out the different views at the top left.

Have fun.

Share Your Circles!

Yes, Google is finally rolling out a much requested feature. The ability to share your Google+ Circles with others.

It's not live for everyone yet, but should be rolling out today.

Now you can let everyone know about that fantastic Photography Circle you've been curating, or that great Local Circle.

We'll look forward to seeing the new feature in action.

Google Games Get More Zynga

Google+ keeps adding games to it's roster and has just added one that is already a huge hit on Facebook.

+Punit Soni (Google Games PM) posted the following today (26/09/11)

Welcome Zynga's CityVille to Google+ games! If you've played CityVille before, you know how much fun it is to build your own virtual city, and then work with friends to help it grow. On Google+ you can use your circles to share updates with the people you want to and keep news of your civic accomplishments limited to just the right audience.

We're excited to add another great game to the mix, and we'll have more news to share in the very near future. But enough talk -- I have a City Hall to build!

Check it out here

Android Google Plus Custom Shortcut.

Android TIP: Google Plus Custom Shortcut.

With the new update the Google Plus Android app has grown in size to a fat 20MB. The option exists to move it to the SD Card, but if you do this you will lose the handy Widget to compose posts quickly.

Never fear! Here's how to create a custom shortcut to the Compose activity.

You will need ADW Launcher installed

1) Long Press to Start

2) Choose Custom Shortcut

3) Choose Activities

4) Click on Pick your Activity 

4) Scroll down to Google+ and choose Share Your Thoughts

5) Click OK

6) Move shortcut to desired place onscreen

Personal or Business? Getting the Google Plus Balance Right.

Part 1 - Getting Started

If you're newly signed up to Google Plus (or a returnee) and you're looking to represent your business on this fast growing social network, (or keep things personal) there's a few things you need to know:

1) Real Name Policy

I've noticed that a few newcomers have signed up with their business name (eg SEO Solutions, or Bob's Garage) this will get you into trouble, as Google+ currently only caters for personal accounts. Google's policy on this is laid out clearly here:

Your name and Google+ Profiles

Best advice, keep the name personal for now and Google will be bringing support for Business accounts very soon.

2) Fill out your Profile

If you're serious about Google+ you must fill out your profile.  Upload some photos and videos. Fill out the Introduction, Occupation and Employment sections.

Also fill out the Links section on the right. Here you can place links to your Company (or personal) Website and your other social media profiles.

Now y…

Google Plus Goes Feature Crazy, Opens Up

If you visited yesterday (and still today) and you're not already signed up to Google+ you would have seen the following:

Yes, Google+ has now entered "open beta" and everyone can join.

And that's not all. Google has also bolted on a ton of new features, including (take a deep breath)


An example of a search for "Google+" The Google+ search options include a "best of" search (sorted by relevance?) and a "most recent".

You can search Everything, Profiles, Sparks and Google+ Posts.

New Hangout Features

Mobile Hangouts (for Android initially)
Hangouts with extras
Hangouts On Air
Hangouts API

(image from

Android App Updates

Huddle gets renamed as Messenger. Maybe a competitor to BBM?
Move to SD! Finally, a much wanted feature for many Android users with older phones (ahem).

 (btw Legends of Yore is a great game)

Long Press in the stream opens up some new options.

Edit your Photo from inside the app. Nice feature.


Google Plus Profiles Change The Way Links Are Displayed

Google has changed the way that links are displayed on the about section of your Google+ profile.

Instead of one list, it's now broken up into three sections:

Other Profiles (should be your profiles on other social networks like Twitter, or FB.)

Contributor to. (what sites do you write for, or add stuff to?)

Recommended Links (what links do you recommend to others, or want to highlight?)

As +Gerwin Sturm points out Links have rel="me" and rel="contributor-to" when added to their respective sections.
You can also decide who sees your links:

Are your links are being displayed properly? Go and click on that Edit Profile button now and make any necessary changes.

Thanks to +Robert Wallis for the tip.

Use Google Plus To Find Great Android Wallpapers

UPDATE: DEC 2011 - this info is now outdated as Google has removed this functionality from the Android app. 


Google+ is a great resource to find great Android wallpapers. Here's a quick walkthrough on how to do it.

A) Fire up the Google+ Android app and navigate to a post that has a picture you like:

B) Tap the little dots in the right hand corner and then choose "set as wallpaper"

C) Enjoy

Photos used as wallpaper in this piece courtesy of +Russ Barnes (go circle him now)

Google Plus For Job Seekers

Business Insider has a great post on why Google+ could be better than LinkedIn for Job Seekers.

The reasons include:

1) Less restrictions on connecting.

2) Better engagement. 

3) Ability to segment your connections.

4) Easy sharing settings.

5) Video chat capabilities.

Check out the whole post here

How are people using Google+?

We ran a short survey on Google+ asking how people are using the various features.

Here's the results. (click image to enlarge)

Interesting to see that people post as much to Circles (Private/Limited) as they do to Public. The much maligned Sparks feature is also seeing some good use.