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Google Plus Goes Feature Crazy, Opens Up

 If you visited yesterday (and still today) and you're not already signed up to Google+ you would have seen the following:

Yes, Google+ has now entered "open beta" and everyone can join.

And that's not all. Google has also bolted on a ton of new features, including (take a deep breath)


An example of a search for "Google+" The Google+ search options include a "best of" search (sorted by relevance?) and a "most recent".

You can search Everything, Profiles, Sparks and Google+ Posts.

New Hangout Features

Mobile Hangouts (for Android initially)
Hangouts with extras 
Hangouts On Air 
Hangouts API 

(image from

Android App Updates

Huddle gets renamed as Messenger. Maybe a competitor to BBM?

 Move to SD! Finally, a much wanted feature for many Android users with older phones (ahem).

 (btw Legends of Yore is a great game)

Long Press in the stream opens up some new options.

Edit your Photo from inside the app. Nice feature.

Google+ gets Klout

Many social media score addicts will be pleased to see that Klout have added Google+ to their roster of linked social media accounts. Go and link it up now.

Lots to look forward to!


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