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Google Plus Profiles Change The Way Links Are Displayed

Google has changed the way that links are displayed on the about section of your Google+ profile.

Instead of one list, it's now broken up into three sections:

Other Profiles (should be your profiles on other social networks like Twitter, or FB.)

Contributor to. (what sites do you write for, or add stuff to?)

Recommended Links (what links do you recommend to others, or want to highlight?)

As +Gerwin Sturm points out Links have rel="me" and rel="contributor-to" when added to their respective sections.

You can also decide who sees your links:

Are your links are being displayed properly? Go and click on that Edit Profile button now and make any necessary changes.


Thanks to +Robert Wallis for the tip.


  1. Is there any quick way to move links between sections? did not find any...

  2. Not that I know... Let us know if you find out! :)

  3. That makes it more click-able.. Otherwise it was kind of crowded and I usually used to ignore them in other's profiles.

  4. Try editing your profile Maurice and clicking on the links box.

  5. I had to refresh the browser to get it to work.


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