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Personal or Business? Getting the Google Plus Balance Right.

Part 1 - Getting Started

If you're newly signed up to Google Plus (or a returnee) and you're looking to represent your business on this fast growing social network, (or keep things personal) there's a few things you need to know:

1) Real Name Policy

I've noticed that a few newcomers have signed up with their business name (eg SEO Solutions, or Bob's Garage) this will get you into trouble, as Google+ currently only caters for personal accounts. Google's policy on this is laid out clearly here:

Your name and Google+ Profiles

Best advice, keep the name personal for now and Google will be bringing support for Business accounts very soon.

2) Fill out your Profile

If you're serious about Google+ you must fill out your profile.  Upload some photos and videos. Fill out the Introduction, Occupation and Employment sections.

The Employment section is particularly important as it's what people see when they hover the mouse over your name. 

Also fill out the Links section on the right. Here you can place links to your Company (or personal) Website and your other social media profiles.

Now you're ready to get started. We'll be publishing some more advice soon on Posting and Commenting,  so stay tuned, (Subscribe if you like) or Circle Me (Thomas) on Google+.


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