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Google Plus, Social Graphs and SEO

A couple of excellent posts on Google+ found while browsing the internets this morning. They both touch on the increasing value that Google+ offers those looking to maximise their online presence.

Google Plus Page Tutorial Video

Nice video tutorial from Google+ Your Business.

From the video info on YouTube: 

This video tutorial shows you how to access the Google Plus Pages that you have created for your business. With Google Plus Pages for business, you can post content as your business. This video tutorial walks you through the necessary steps to post content as your Google Plus business Page.

Hot new Chrome Extension For Google Plus

A "Hot" new Chrome extension for Google Plus from developer +Ehsan Ahmadi Gharacheh called What's Hot+

Here's the blurb from the Chrome webstore:

Find what's hot in your Google+ streams (main stream, particular circle, incoming, particular profile, & official what's hot stream)
=== Why do you need this extension?

Google+ picks hot public posts from all G+ users in the "What's Hot" area. But, what if you want to find hot posts posted by people in your circles? That's where "What's Hot+" extension come in. But, this is not all this extension can do for you.

=== How to use it?
In each Google+ streams (namely, main stream, particular circle stream, incoming stream, particular profile stream, what's hot stream), you'll find a button next to your "Home" button. Click it to see what's hot in that stream inside a table. Another click on the button will hide the table.

=== Use-cases:

1- Find what's hot i…

Google's New Ad for Google Plus

Google's New Ad for Google+.

Good to see Google pushing this one. Enjoy.

Obama, Britney, Notification Changes and Strange Search Results. It's Another Day On Google Plus

A mix of interesting stuff this morning.

First up, US president Barack Obama has finally launched his Plus page. Always a forward looking politician when it has come to social media, he and his campaign team have finally sorted out a presence on Google+

Next up Britney Spears has made it to the top of the Google+ follower rankings, beating Google CEO Larry Page for the top spot. At the time of writing she has been "Circled" publicly by 744950 people.

The Next Web is claiming that "Google Plus Notifications Still Need Work" They have an article up pointing out that Google has changed the Red notification box to show numbers greater than 9, but they're still unhappy about the way notifications work.

Finally Search Engine Land has an artcle up about a strange Google Plus related search result that could point towards greater integration of Google+ into Google Places.

Lots to go on with there. (probably missed a ton of other stuff as well)

Google Plus Page Recommendation - My Coffee Stop (an example for small businesses.)

As I posted earlier on Google Plus, I think this is a great example of how a small business should run a Google+ page. Go and check out +My Coffee Stop and see how they're doing things.

Videos, Photos, Content and Engagement.

It's run by +Karen Mercer and she's doing a great job IMO. Give her your support and let's try to encourage more small businesses to take the plunge.

My Hangouts - Chrome extension for Google Plus

Prolific Google Plus extension developer +Mohamed Mansour has updated his popular Chrome extension "My Hangouts for Google Plus"

Here's the blurb: 

Are you looking for an extension that will allow you to see all the active hangouts in your stream? Then this is the extension for you.

It will allow you to quickly view all of the active hangouts (public and circles) just by clicking the browser action icon that will be located in the toolbar on the corner next to the wrench. Just click the icon, and a list will then appear with all of the active hangouts. Then you just hover over the total number of participants to see who is active in the hangout. Finally, click on the blue "Join" button to automatically switch over to the new hangout.

Active hangouts will have a blue icon while inactive hangouts will have a grey icon with a question mark.

Great to see that developers are remaining active on Google+ and bringing all kinds of new features to users.

Join in the discussi…

More Sports Celebs Get On Google Plus

Looking around Google Plus today, we've begun to notice more British Sports celebrities starting up fan pages/profiles on Plus

+David Beckham now has a profile along with other British sport celebs like +Andy Murray and +Lewis Hamilton.

Good to see them (and their PR people of course) waking up to the potential of Plus.

Trends and Filters, Google Plus Revamps It's Search Page

Google+ has given it's Search Page some new features.

First, notice that Trends box on the right hand side. Now you can see what people are talking about / looking for on Plus right now. 
Next up, notice the new drop-down menus that allow you to filter your search results:

Some much needed improvements for sure. Google just keeps rolling out the features.

Google Plus Gets Music. But You Can Only Buy In The USA

Google has finally launched it's long awaited Music service that includes integration with Google+.

Plus users can now share their purchased music for others to listen and buy.... (but only if you are in the US).

Users outside the US will be greeted by the following message if they try to click the BUY button.

However some users have reported that they have been able to get around this by using a VPN. Here's hoping Google sees fit to roll this out everywhere soon.

Smarter Circles? Google Buys Katango


Katango was a unknown name to us until this morning , but a little research (thanks Google) has revealed that Katango deal in the dark magic of algorithmically (nice word) sorting your friends and follows.

Previously an iPhone app, now Katango will be set to work "improving" Google Circles. We're not quite sure how that will work. Hopefully it's an optional thing as many of us have spent ages carefully creating our circles by hand....

Google Plus Badges Hit The Web

A huge announcement from Google today. The launch of Google+ Badges.

Basically you can now Circle a Page directly from a website.

This is what our badge would look like. We can't have one right now though because we use Dynamic Views on this blog (sigh)

From Google:

Today, we officially begin our roll out of that badge by making it available to our Google+ platform preview group. To get the badge, sign up for the group and then visit our configuration tool and choose the badge size that’s best for your site. If you’re in the group, you may also begin to encounter the badge as you browse around the web.

By using the Google+ badge to connect your website to your Google+ page, you:

make it easy for your audience to subscribe to your posts and endorse and share your site. get more personal recommendations around the web, by connecting +1’s for your website with +1’s on your Google+ page. qualify for Google+ Direct Connect, which lets people type +your_site_name on Google search and automa…

An Easy Way To Send Your Plus Posts To Twitter

Finding it a hassle to head over to Twitter and post the same thing you've just posted on your favorite site Google+?

We've just discovered a great service that does this for you with the minimum of effort.

Head over to and you'll be able to easily connect up your Plus and Twitter accounts.

Via +Stefan Svartling. (Thanks)

Brand Pages Hit Plus, Fox Gets A Baptism Of Fire

Well they're here.

Brand pages are starting to hit Google+, and Google has a number of launch partners:

But it's not going to be an easy ride for everyone as Fox News has already found out. The US News Channel has come under fire immediately from people protesting their presence on Google+.

Looks like Pages are going to need some looking after.

Don't forget to add us

ProfileRoom+ : A New Way To View Google Plus

Last month we wrote an article on All My +, a deep dive into Google+ Stats from developer Gerwin Sturm.

Not content with developing one amazing application, he's working on a whole new way to view Google+.

Called ProfileRoom+ this application allows you to view Google+ in a virtual gallery. You can move around freely and explore.

From the Info page:

You can move through the rooms with W/A/S/D and look around with the cursor keys.
You can move faster by holding the SHIFT-Key pressed.
When you approach a photo you will get some details of the user or photo.
When you press ENTER while looking at a user you will "walk" into the ProfileRoom+ of this person.
Using BACKSPACE/Back-Button will take you back to the previous room.

Here's a video showing how it works. Gerwin is adding new features all the time, so this video is a little out of date. :)

More Features for Google Plus: YouTube, Photos and Chrome Extensions.

Epic series of updates are hitting Google+ right now with the following features appearing:

1. A YouTube Widget:

Pull out the Widget from the right hand side of your main page. (
Type what you want to see

+1 Photos

Googler Vincent Mo announced that Google+ users can now +1 Photos from the light box.

He says:

You can now +1 a photo! Click on a photo to open the lightbox photo viewer, and you’ll see the +1 button at the bottom left side of the photo. Click to +1 the photo, or click the counter to see who else has +1'd it.

+1’ing a photo is also available in the latest Google+ iPhone app ( and is coming soon to the Android app and the mobile web site.

Finally last, but certainly not least Google has released an official Chrome Extension that allows to get your Google+ notifications from anywhere on the web!

View notifications of Google+ activity when signed in, anywhere you go on the web. See what’s happening on Google+ with the Google+ Notification…

Mass Uncircle Tools Hit Google Plus. Where Do You Stand?

A bit of Controversy yesterday on Google+ as a new Chrome extension has been published called Uncircle Uncirclers+that allows Google+ users to see who has Uncircled (or never Circled) them. 

Basically this tool (from developer +Ehsan Ahmadi Gharacheh)scans your Circles, finds out who's not Circled you and gives you a method of removing them. (Individually or en-masse)

Some users are unhappy that this extension takes away from the "Spirit" of Google+. (These kind of tools have seen lots of use (and abuse) on other Social Media like Twitter.)

However others feel that this is just another useful tool to help users manage their Circles better.

What do you think?

Google Reader Update and a Shiny New Google Plus Android App

Two big updates!

First up. Google Reader has finally got it's long overdue UI update that brings it into line with other Google properties.

Importantly, Google has removed the old social features and bolted on some nice Google+ features. You can now +1 an article in Reader and share it directly to Google+.

Also new is a refreshed version of the Google+ Android app to coincide with the release of Android version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).

As you can see there's some significant changes, such as the placement of the notifications (up top instead of at the bottom) and new look to the Stream.

You can now completely customize the viewable streams. Before you had to have the Nearby, All Circles and Incoming Streams, but these can now be removed.

Other changes include Editable Comments (Finally!) that are accessed through a Long Press. Still no editable posts. (but we live in hope)

All in all some much welcomed updates for Plus and we're looking forward to see what's next!