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Google Reader Update and a Shiny New Google Plus Android App

Two big updates!

First up. Google Reader has finally got it's long overdue UI update that brings it into line with other Google properties.

Importantly, Google has removed the old social features and bolted on some nice Google+ features. You can now +1 an article in Reader and share it directly to Google+.

Also new is a refreshed version of the Google+ Android app to coincide with the release of Android version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).


As you can see there's some significant changes, such as the placement of the notifications (up top instead of at the bottom) and new look to the Stream.

You can now completely customize the viewable streams. Before you had to have the Nearby, All Circles and Incoming Streams, but these can now be removed.

Other changes include Editable Comments (Finally!) that are accessed through a Long Press. Still no editable posts. (but we live in hope)

All in all some much welcomed updates for Plus and we're looking forward to see what's next!


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