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Mass Uncircle Tools Hit Google Plus. Where Do You Stand?

A bit of Controversy yesterday on Google+ as a new Chrome extension has been published called Uncircle Uncirclers+ that allows Google+ users to see who has Uncircled (or never Circled) them. 

Basically this tool (from developer +Ehsan Ahmadi Gharacheh) scans your Circles, finds out who's not Circled you and gives you a method of removing them. (Individually or en-masse)

Some users are unhappy that this extension takes away from the "Spirit" of Google+. (These kind of tools have seen lots of use (and abuse) on other Social Media like Twitter.)

However others feel that this is just another useful tool to help users manage their Circles better.

What do you think?


  1. Good idea - people should earn their links by virtue of their posts not because someone included them in a circle then shared that circle with 1000's of others. However I've installed this and it is not working in Chrome - it brings up a list of those I circled but who did't circle me, but it does not allow me to select them for removal or anything else.


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