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More Features for Google Plus: YouTube, Photos and Chrome Extensions.

Epic series of updates are hitting Google+ right now with the following features appearing:

1. A YouTube Widget:

Pull out the Widget from the right hand side of your main page. (
Type what you want to see

+1 Photos

Googler Vincent Mo announced that Google+ users can now +1 Photos from the light box.

He says:

You can now +1 a photo! Click on a photo to open the lightbox photo viewer, and you’ll see the +1 button at the bottom left side of the photo. Click to +1 the photo, or click the counter to see who else has +1'd it.

+1’ing a photo is also available in the latest Google+ iPhone app ( and is coming soon to the Android app and the mobile web site.

Finally last, but certainly not least Google has released an official Chrome Extension that allows to get your Google+ notifications from anywhere on the web!

View notifications of Google+ activity when signed in, anywhere you go on the web. See what’s happening on Google+ with the Google+ Notifications extension.

Whenever you have a new notification (for example, when someone adds you to a circle or shares a post with you), the extension button will turn red and show you how many updates are waiting for you. Once you click the button, a window will drop down showing you all of your most recent notifications. You can act on notifications right from the extension, whether you’re replying to a comment or adding someone back to your circles. That way you can stay up-to-speed with your circles on Google+ no matter where you are on the web.

Phew! What's next?

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