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My Hangouts - Chrome extension for Google Plus

Prolific Google Plus extension developer +Mohamed Mansour has updated his popular Chrome extension "My Hangouts for Google Plus"

Here's the blurb: 

Are you looking for an extension that will allow you to see all the active hangouts in your stream? Then this is the extension for you.

It will allow you to quickly view all of the active hangouts (public and circles) just by clicking the browser action icon that will be located in the toolbar on the corner next to the wrench. Just click the icon, and a list will then appear with all of the active hangouts. Then you just hover over the total number of participants to see who is active in the hangout. Finally, click on the blue "Join" button to automatically switch over to the new hangout.

Active hangouts will have a blue icon while inactive hangouts will have a grey icon with a question mark.

Great to see that developers are remaining active on Google+ and bringing all kinds of new features to users.

Join in the discussion on Mohamed's Google+ post, or install the extension right now.

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