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Obama, Britney, Notification Changes and Strange Search Results. It's Another Day On Google Plus

A mix of interesting stuff this morning.

First up, US president Barack Obama has finally launched his Plus page. Always a forward looking politician when it has come to social media, he and his campaign team have finally sorted out a presence on Google+


Next up Britney Spears has made it to the top of the Google+ follower rankings, beating Google CEO Larry Page for the top spot. At the time of writing she has been "Circled" publicly by 744950 people.


The Next Web is claiming that "Google Plus Notifications Still Need Work" They have an article up pointing out that Google has changed the Red notification box to show numbers greater than 9, but they're still unhappy about the way notifications work.

googleplus 520x367 Google+ kills the 9+ badge for notifications, but they still suck

Finally Search Engine Land has an artcle up about a strange Google Plus related search result that could point towards greater integration of Google+ into Google Places.

Lots to go on with there. (probably missed a ton of other stuff as well)

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