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G+ Page Indicator; Know Who You Are On Google Plus

Superstar g+ developer +Gerwin Sturm has come up with a great new Chrome extension for Page Managers. Called G+ page indicator, it's a great addition to the Page Manager's toolbox. 

Creating A Shooter: OrangePixel's Dev Diary on Google+

How about this for a cool way to use Google+ Pages?

Game developer OrangePixel has set up a Google+ Page to track development of their new project. The Page is called CreatingAShooter and went live on December 1st.

Google+ Pages Are Working - A Short Story

Author and Illustrator Paul Stickland has been seeing some success with his Google+ Page +StrangeStore. We find out more....

Santa Comes Early With Massive Google+ Update.

Massive Update rolling out for Google+ users today, with some big features:

From the Official Google Blog

1) Pump up (or down) the volume!

fine-grained controls that will enable you to “graphic-equalize” and fine-tune your stream

2) More useful and attractive notifications

We now have easy-to-read “sneak previews” that immediately present what’s new and why you might care. We’ve polished these notifications up and made a few other meaningful improvements too, including the ability to see the +1’s and shares your posts have received since you last checked.

3) Improvements to Google+ Pages

You can now delegate up to 50 named managers as administrators for a page.A new notification flow will ensure that these managers stay in the loop on all the activity that takes place on a page, giving managers the ability to stay involved in page conversations.We’ll now show an aggregated count of users that have engaged with your page, either by +1’ing it or by adding it to a circle. This way, both you a…

Post To Google+ And Google+ Pages From Anywhere

Another day, another awesome Chrome extension from YungSang NaN, developer of the Google+ Page Notifications extension.

This time it's a way to post to your Google+ pages from anywhere on the Web.


- Post to Google+ and/or Google+ Pages at once from any website.

- Activate destinations to post by clicking an icon in the post form, or set defaults on the option dialog.

- Share photos by right-clicking, or share contents by selecting text on a page, then select "Share..." in a context menu.

- Manual Circle selection for your Google+ personal account, but automatic for Pages according to last post.

- Simplified and version of Taberareloo chrome extension created by Constellation
The original version can cross-post to more SNS's; Tumblr, Pinboard, Delicious, Evernote, FriendFeed, Twitter, ReadItLater, Gist, Diigo and more, and Google+ of course.

NOTE: reload Chrome after installation to get your Pages to show up in the options page.

Go grab it now

(via Ehsan Ahmadi Ghar…

Google+ Page Management Just Got A Lot Easier.

Managing Google+ Pages can be a real hassle, especially as notifications for Pages are tucked away in a side menu.

To the rescue is this fantastic new extension for Chrome from developer YungSang NaN called Google+ Pages Notifications.

Features include:

- Get notifications of your all Google+ Pages at one place
- Keep unread marks, unless you click "Mark all as read" or go to the original notifications page
- Made on top of Kango Extensions framework

Our favourite feature is that clicking on a notification takes you to that post as your Page  ( in a new tab) even if you were logged into your personal account. Very useful.

It's a huge help for Page managers struggling to keep track of their notifications and for now our no1 must have extension.

Hopefully Google will see sense and build something like this into Google+, but until that happens, you really must install this, it's that useful.

Google Plus Hangouts Get Huge Update

Google just announced a huge update to Hangouts on Google+ as part of their "Season of Shipping".

We'll let Google SVP Vic Gundotra say the rest:

Share Full Rich Links To Google Plus From Safari.

As of 12/04/2012 Google added full share features to the Google+ Android app, but iOS users still need a workaround to share a full rich snippet.

Google+ User Stefan Svartling pointed us in the direction of this bookmarklet that you can add to your mobile browser.

For iOS, do as Stefan says:

I just add it to Safari on my Mac and iCloud syncs it to mobile Safari on my iPad and iPhone. Then when I am on a web page I want to share I just use the bookmarklet as I do on desktop. On iOS you have bookmarklets as bookmarks, so when you are on a page I just choose the bookmark with the bookmarklet and a popup shows up as it does on the desktop.


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10 ways to grow your audience on Google+

Check out this great guide for Google+ Pages from the Google+ Your Business team.

(thanks to Denis Labelle for bringing it to our attention.)

1. Before you start sharing with your audience, followers, or community members, select a great profile photo - this is the number one way people will recognize you on Google+. In addition,make sure to add five scrapbook photos, complete the 'About' section, and add links to other destinations where you can be found across the web.

2. Decide on a tone for your page, and stay consistent in your messaging so that your posts feel personal and authentic. It's also good to let people know who's contributing to your Google+ page by linking their personal Google+ profiles in the 'About' section.

3. Use circles to segment your visitors, customers, and even internal teams so you can share the right information with the right people.

4. Create a posting schedule, and post at least once a day to make sure you are sharing new and interes…

Connect to Google+ With Blogger

An update from the Blogger team re: Blogger and Google+ integration.

From the Blogger Buzz blog

Starting today, if you have linked your blog to your Google+ account you will be presented with a prefilled Google+ share box immediately after publishing a post. The share box will contain a +snippet of your post that you can share with your circles on Google+.

Of course, you can disable this sharing prompt at any time on the "Settings - Posts and Comments" page. And you can always share individual posts on Google+ by selecting "share" underneath the entry in your post list.

Nice addition and hopefully even more to come!

Choose Who Can Comment On Your Public Google Plus Posts

Sharp-eyed Google+ user Michelle Marie noticed something interesting today.

In your Google+ account settings there's now a new option. "Who can comment on your public posts?"

You can restrict commenting on your posts to Your Circles, Extended Circles, Only You(!), or Custom settings. 

More here:

Good spot Michelle!

Shipping Is a Feature.

Google+ Chief of Staff Matt Wardell has just put a post up on Google detailing the changes to Google+ this week: 
The team really wants to make Google+ better every time you visit, and this week we've been especially busy. Here's a list of some of the things we've launched since Monday:

- New game: Godfather (
- Import orkut photo albums into Google+ (
- Picasa 3.9 w/ Google+ sharing and tagging (
- Improved people suggestions (
- Gmail & Contacts get Plus'd (
- Find My Face (
- New version of Google+ on Android (
- New version of Google+ on iOS (
- Share photo album via link (

That's quite a list! Thanks Matt for all your hard work.

(thanks to +Denis Labelle for sharing)

Google Plus Android App Update: Search And More

Google has uploaded an updated version of the Google+ app to the Android market.What's in this version:1. Search 2. +1 photos 3. +1 comments 4. High resolution photo upload support 5. See if someone's online and currently typing in Messenger conversations 6. Start Messenger conversations by just entering a phone number 7. Links to posts or profiles can now open inside of the app 8. Instant Upload supports videos again 9. Several stability improvements and bug fixesGo grab it now

Google Contacts Get Circles

A keen eyed Google+ user +Robert Wallis has spotted some huge changes to Google Contacts. 

Check out the picture below: 

You'll see that Google+ information has now been added. As Robert says:
I think this is a * revolution* for the web, here's why:

Old version

Some one would give you their email address, you'd add it to contacts, if it was a gmail address it would pull the image (if they were sharing it with you). That's all you got.

New version

If you have their gmail email you still have any data you have added, but what you now have is any data they have added to their Google Profile.
This includes any data they are sharing publicly; gives people much more incentive to complete their profile.
Note: I would expect data shared just with you (either to you or to a circle you are in) to show too, but would need to test that further at this point.

Why is this interesting?
Remember that contacts is basically how Google knows your connections: people you have "circled" are…

Big G Drop Down Sorter

Developer Harry Ledley has made a Chrome extension that lets you reorder the Google Drop Down menu and it's awesome.

Posting Infographics In Google Plus: A Tutorial

I'm sure many of you have come across this issue. You find a great Infographic that you absolutely must share, but when you post the image/link into the Share box it looks too small!

Well here's how to solve that.

A New UI for Google: Is Change Good? (Our Review)

As we all know Google has been rolling out a new navigation UI for it's services over the last week or so.

We've been using the UI for a few days and here's what we think:

Changes for Pages: What's Next for Pages On Google Plus?

Yesterday, Google+ Team member +Kristoffer Sorenson posted a Q&A for Google+ Pages on the official Google+ Your Business account. 

It turned up some great news for Google+ Page admins: