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Creating A Shooter: OrangePixel's Dev Diary on Google+

How about this for a cool way to use Google+ Pages?

Game developer OrangePixel has set up a Google+ Page to track development of their new project. The Page is called CreatingAShooter and went live on December 1st.

They've been updating the page all this month with information on the game name, graphics and gameplay:

Some code from OrangePixel's classic Java-mobile game "Black Metal" (2005) was copied. The code uses level markers to move enemies around in flexible and interesting patterns. The code is now working and the aliens now move around the map in various ways, making it easy for level design to also do the attack design.

And a name is born... !

Slow progress on the game, a lot of tweaking left and right to get the game running as smooth as possible, but after a test on an old HTC Hero (yeah that was stupid!) the small worries of having an action game running at 60fps became bigger.

Looking at the stats on the previous games, it does seem that most people are running the newer and populair HTC, Sony, Samsung and Motorola devices, and those shouldn't have a problem running the game at 60fps at all. 

OrangePixel games are known for their toughness and this one looks to be no exception. They've said that this game is damn hard, even for an Orangepixel game.

We'll be following this one with interest and you can go check them out yourself on Google+ 

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