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Google+ Pages Are Working - A Short Story

 Author and Illustrator Paul Stickland has been seeing some success with his Google+ Page +StrangeStore. We find out more....

Paul Stickland is (in his own words) an Illlustrator, Author, Designer and Paper Engineer who has sold over one million children’s books. He’s also a keen user of new technologies (particularly in the current challenging environment for traditional publishing) which led him to give Google+ a try.

He has a number of Google+ Pages up and running, including:


He also is a active user of Google+ with his personal profile, using it to “engage and learn”.

In his own words:

I have been watching the Print on Demand model for some time, being all too aware of the near doomed traditional distribution networks..... I set up some Zazzle stores (and) set up a network of referral and affiliate sites to drive traffic towards them, with some success.

So Google+ comes along and I adopt as soon as possible. It's pretty clear that this is a network with a difference! The promise of pages and the clear SEO advantages makes it an essential.

I am very wary of posting anything of a commercial nature on my main profile but I have linked across on occasion, usually with a longer piece about the artwork I have used, with hopefully a subtle link to the store, often in the page identity in comments.
One of the sales I made was for a drawing of some Trolls, with the slogan 'Beware Trolls' posted on my profile. One guy commented, saying you should put "Don't Feed the Trolls" on it. Photoshop gets fired up, I redo the text, create the Zazzle product and in less than 30 minutes I am able to post the product on my page and hey presto, the sale notification comes through from Zazzle but minutes later. Brilliant, I get to talk to my customer, create something unique and pop him in my customer circle.

It’s great to see that Google+ Pages are working and clearly for Paul (and the many other business owners out there) this is the right place to be.

Paul did express some reservations (as many have) about the current system of Page management. But it’s almost as though Google was listening (!), as Recent Announcements regarding Pages are certainly a move in the right direction.


NOTE: If you’re a Page manager you should certainly check out YungSang NaN’s great set of Page management extensions including Post To Google+ And Google+ Pages From Anywhere and Google+ Pages Notifications.

If you’re looking for more help on how to manage your Google+ Pages feel free to get in touch and/or Circle us on Google+.

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