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Google Plus Search: Ideas For Pages

If you have a Google+ Page, are you using Search effectively? Here's some ideas on how to get the most out of it and boost your Page's presence.

1. Optimize your own content for Search.

If users search for your important keywords can they find you? If you're a hotel in London, will someone find you with a search for London Hotels?

Remember Search can be filtered.

Are you making Public posts? No? Then you won't show up in a search for Google+ posts will you?

Are you using Hangouts? Location?

Make the most of the available tools.

2. Do Your Own Searches

You can Save Searches for keywords.  

What are people saying about you and your industry?

You can Search by Location. 

What are people in your area doing and saying?

Find other great content to Reshare. 

Here's a powerful strategy for Pages. As a Page you can't +1 a post, comment, or even Circle someone until they Circle you. (with the exception of other Pages)

So what can you do to interact? You can Reshare their posts. 

How to find posts to reshare? Search for them.

3. Hashtags

If you use Twitter you'll be familiar with the concept of the #hashtag. Google+ hashtags work in a similar way and link directly to a search for that topic.

Feel free to use hashtags, but also remember that searches will work fine without them as well! (don't go overboard. )

4. Now go and do it.

Start at

(Oh and one last thing. There's a hotkey for Search. It's the / key. )

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