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No Incoming? No Problem.

James Barraford recently posted a well written piece on Media Tapper arguing that Google has Dropped the Ball by removing the "Incoming" feature on Google+. We disagree and here's two reasons why.

1) Not enough people used it for the feature to be viable.

Google Plus Engineering Director Dave Besbris specifically said that the feature was "rarely used" and had "very low usage..... compared to the rest of Google+"

This certainly fits with my usage of the feature. I may have looked in there a couple of times, but that was it. The new Google is all about trimming the fat. (look at Wave, Buzz, Knol, etc.) and making firm decisions based on data makes sense to me.

 2) There's alternative ways to find new people.

James argues in his piece that by removing Incoming, Google has limited the discovery of new people to Circle.  (he calls it a "Facebook Move").

I'm a little confused by this as there exists perfectly good ways to find and add new people to your Circles. there's a ton of websites for example.

There's Shared Circles a great feature that lets you share your discoveries with others.

There's a great Search feature that lets you put in a Keyword like "Android" and watch the posts roll by.

Finally there's the Comments. Google+ is all about the Comments, they're one of the (many) reasons it's not Twitter. Check out the people who comment (if they comment, they're likely to be active). In my experience,    a good comment means that 9 times out of 10 they're worth a Circle.

Good Luck! 

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