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Profiles Vs Pages On Google+: Why And When As A Business You Need To Make The Change

There's a growing realization among businesses and brands that they need to "be on Google+". However many use a personal Profile and not a Page. We explain why they (and you) should rethink this strategy.

Profiles are Authors, Pages are Publishers

This is an easy way to get it straight in your own head. Google+ (and increasingly, Google itself) is an identity service at heart. By creating a Profile, or Page you're essentially signalling to Google that this how you want to be known.

If you have a business website and/or a brand image to maintain you should be establishing a clear link between a Business Page and your Website/Brand Identity.

How do you do that? Go here

Authors and Publishers?

This is a reference to rel="Author" and rel="Publisher". Don't know what they are? You should. Check here for a great explanation of how to implement rel="Author" and here for more on rel="Publisher"

Long story short. Unless you are the business, you have no business using a personal Profile instead of a Page.

So how do Profiles fit in a business strategy?

One instance where Profiles are powerful is in combination with a Page. A brand representative for example. The "Face" of a Brand.

This could work for customer service, networking, building leads, PR and many more ways. Your choice, but a choice that you limit by sticking with just a profile.

We'll cover more on this in a later post, including examples of Businesses that are doing this right (in our opinion). But for now go and work on that Page (and Profile)


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