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5 G+ Profile Mistakes

Your Google Plus Profile could be costing you right now because of 5 simple mistakes that you can change today. It's easy to fix them, so read on to find out more about what you can do to ensure your Profile is set up properly.

1) No Profile picture (or a poor one)

Not having a decent Profile picture (or a poor one) will reduce the chance of someone Circling you. A common mistake is to upload a too small size resulting in a blurry picture. The actual box size is 250x250, so aim for something like that (or greater)

2) Your Tagline is too long.

Your Tagline is under your name on the Profile Page. Make it too long and part of it will be hidden. See here for details on how it works.

3) Your About tab is not filled out.

You have a lot of stuff to fill out in the About tab, including an Introduction, Employment, Location, etc. Not having this filled out will reduce both your visibility and potential to be Circled.

4) Photos

Google has given you a space for a cover photo that runs right across the top of your Profile page. Make use of it! Again, make sure that you use appropriately sized photos. ( 940x180 works well in our experience.)

5) Send Message/Email

Lots of people miss this one. If you want to be contacted via your Profile do the following: Click on Edit Profile and click on the boxes titled Send a Message and Send an Email under your Profile picture and adjust the settings to a privacy level you feel comfortable with.

Good luck!

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