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Comment and Post Moderation In Google+: Tips & Lessons Learned

As your Google+ account grows more active and more people start commenting on your posts you will need to moderate. Here's some lessons we've learned on how to keep things under control.

Learn where all the moderation features are in the UI.

There are a number you need to know about:

1) The drop down menu : 

The drop down menu is located at the top right of your posts and is accessed by clicking on the "arrow inside a circle" icon. It contains four features that are relevant to us in this article:

Edit this post

Occasionally you make mistakes when you post something. Maybe it's as simple as a spelling mistake, or it could be a huge and reputation threatening factual error (hopefully not!).

No need to worry, just access the menu and click on "Edit this post". You'll then be able to make the necessary changes. Click Save and you're done.

Delete this post.

Occasionally a post may be beyond help and you just regret posting it. No need to worry. Access the menu and click on "Delete this post". You'll see a confirmation message pop-up that gives you a chance to change your mind.

Disable comments

A very useful feature that allows you to turn off the comment section of your post. There are a number of reasons you might want to do this. Maybe a discussion has turned into a flame war and you want to give the participants time to cool off. Maybe you're going to be away from Google+ for a while and you want to ensure that nothing bad happens while you're away.

For whatever reason, it works using a simple click on "Disable comments". You can easily reverse the action by clicking on "Enable comments".


Lock this post

Another useful feature, this one allows you to prevent reshares of your post. Maybe you only want a limited audience, or it's just not a post you want shared about right now. This is easily done by clicking on "Lock this post". You can of course reverse the action by clicking on "Unlock this post".

2) The Comments Section:

The comments section has two important buttons. "Delete comment" and "Report abuse or block".

Delete comment

The "Delete comment" button is the "X" icon to the right of a comment. As the original poster, you have the right and ability to remove any comments.

If you click on the button, you'll get a confirmation pop-up that also allows you to "block" the commenter if you wish.

Report abuse or block

In extreme cases you may wish to report the comment. (spam, for example). The button to do this is the little flag icon to the right of a comment.

Clicking on this will also give a confirmation pop-up where you can choose to "Remove", "Restore" (the comment), or "Remove and block this person".

Google will occasionally auto-flag comments that they think are Spam. You will then have the option of removing, or restoring them.

Use your Powers Wisely

The moderation features are powerful tools indeed and using them properly can really improve your Google+ experience. However:

Don't overdo it.

There's really no need to jump on absolutely everything. Google+ is a great place to have discussions, so let the conversation flow. Locking everything down can restrict the opportunity to be Social, and that's what it's all about right?

But... don't be afraid to use it

Having said that, running a tight ship can bring it's own rewards. If someone is trolling your post, or causing problems, block them, delete the comments and move on. It's a big Social Network out there and we don't have time to spend time on the idiots. Blocking is not a permanent action and you can always review later.

Good luck!

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