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Google+ Page Management: 3 Things You Can Do Today.

Managing Google+ Pages can be tough and you need every helping hand you can get. So just for you, we've put together three things that you can do today to help get things moving in the right direction.

1) Do your Research and Check your Stats.

There are lots of good resources out there to check your Google+ stats, but there's two we keep coming back to: Circlecount and All My +.

These sites allow you to enter the ID of a Profile, or Page and get a wealth of information back. Circlecount also allows you to track all your Pages through a Dashboard.

All My + Stats

2) Use the Right Tools

Specifically in regard to Chrome extensions, there's a couple we find essential.

Google+ Pages Notifications is a lifesaver extension developed by YungSang NaN and an absolute must have if you manage more than one page. See our article about it Google+ Page Management Just Got A Lot Easier.

G+ Page Indicator is a great extension developed by +Gerwin Sturm that helps you manage your identity when switching between Pages and Profiles. Check out our article on it G+ Page Indicator; Know Who You Are On Google Plus.

3) Be Mobile

Did you know you can manage your Pages using your mobile phone? (we use an Android smartphone) The G+ mobile app (Android and iOS) supports switching between Pages and Profiles with a few clicks (presses?).

Got any more Page tips to share? Let us know.

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