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Six Reasons Why You're Not Being Circled On Google+

Having trouble getting Circled on Google+? Not enough +1s and reshares for your liking?

Here's six reasons why:

1) You don't post enough.

Posting a couple of times a week isn't going to cut it. To be honest, even daily posting might not be enough. Get the content out there and be seen. Talk about the things you want to be Circled for.

2) You post too much.

However, take care, getting too much stuff out there can also be harmful. No one wants to see thousands of of your posts in their stream. Sure, you've got great stuff to share but rein it in a bit, OK?

3) You haven't filled out your profile.

Go do this right now. Seriously. No excuse for not filling out all the little boxes. Include a Profile picture as well please.

4) You're reposting your Twitter and FB posts.

"RT @Twitnonsense Hey Tweople here's five fab Twit Tips to rock the Twittersphere."


5) You don't respond.

If someone takes the time to comment, or ask you a question, respond as much as you can. It's not always possible to catch everything, but try, OK? Even a +1 helps.

6) You don't give back.

How many comments have you made on other people's posts today? How many +1s have you given out? Any reshares?

Common Sense.

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