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Next G+ Resource Hangout - Chrome Extensions and 3rd Party Apps

We're going to be doing another G+ Hangout on Monday 2nd April at 3pm BST (British Summertime/GMT+1). This week's focus will be Chrome Extensions and Third Party Apps. Given the release of the Hangout API this should be a particularly interesting session!

It will be hosted as usual by +Thomas Morffew

Look forward to seeing you there.

The 4 Steps To Making Google+ Pages And Profiles Work For You

Used properly, the tag team of a Google+ Profile and Page can be a powerful asset. Combined with a correct Website setup, it's a great way to build up your Business and Brand.

Next G+ Resource Hangout - Focus On Google+ Pages

Our last Public Hangout went well so we're going to do another one. This one will be on Monday 26th March at 3pm GMT.

The topic for discussion will be Google+ Pages. We'll be looking at some case studies, practical strategies, tips and much more.

Got something you'd like to us to talk about? Let us know in the comments on Google+

See you on Monday!

Announcing The G+ Resource Hangout Workshops.

We think Google+ Hangouts are a great way to communicate and we know that you all have lots of questions about how to use Google+. So we're going to be running some Hangout Workshops aimed at getting you using Google+ to it's maximum potential.

Our Top 4 Chrome Extensions For Google+

There's a lot of Chrome Extensions for Google+, covering everything from Hangouts, Circles and Usability, to Photos, +1's and Pages, but we've found that there's 4 we use everyday. Here, in our opinion, are the best four Chrome extensions for Google+

Google+ Brands and Pages: McDonald's Japan

Browsing Google+ this morning and came across the +McDonald's Japan Page. Now the main McDonald's Page is an empty billboard, so imagine my surprise on discovering a virtual Hive of Activity and Engagement. 

Infographic: How Much Time Do Active Users Really Spend On Google+?

We ran a poll on Google+ that asked the question:

How much time on average do you spend on Google+ everyday?

There were a total of 2941 responses and here's a infographic showing how those break down.