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Google+ Brands and Pages: McDonald's Japan

Browsing Google+ this morning and came across the +McDonald's Japan Page. Now the main McDonald's Page is an empty billboard, so imagine my surprise on discovering a virtual Hive of Activity and Engagement. 

This is the main McDonald's Page. Sad isn't it? You can hear the crickets.

This is the McDonald's Japan Page. What a difference!

There are still issues with the Page. (where are the header photos? No videos? Hangouts?), but the engagement is fantastic, every post getting +1's, Reshares and Comments.

I attempted to tackle the Japanese with my Google Translate skills and it turns out that they are running things like a "Daily Quiz" (great idea), encouraging fans to post photos of themselves with McDonald's products and linking to interesting promotions.

They even have more followers than Google Japan (another active page) and there's room to grow.

Lessons to learn:

1) Engage with followers

The Page is interactive and they always respond in the comments.

2) Post fun and rich content.

Can your Page learn from what McDonald's Japan is doing? 

Good luck and feel free to discuss this post with us on Google+

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