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Our Top 4 Chrome Extensions For Google+

There's a lot of Chrome Extensions for Google+, covering everything from Hangouts, Circles and Usability, to Photos, +1's and Pages, but we've found that there's 4 we use everyday. Here, in our opinion, are the best four Chrome extensions for Google+

1) Circlecount 

There's lots of great stats sites for Google+, ( is particularly recommended) but only one with a great Chrome extension.'s essential extension gives you a wealth of options. Pull up stats from a profile page, get info on a hovercard and much more. Even better, it's being constantly updated with new features.

2) Google Translate for Google+

Google didn't build a translate feature directly into Google+, but they did the next best thing and built a great Chrome extension. Fitting seamlessly into the Google+ UI, this is a very useful tool that expands the already awesome communication potential of Google+.


3) Google+ Pages Notifications

With Google's built-in Page notification system, it's sometimes difficult to keep up when you have more than one Page. This awesome extension from +YungSang NaN takes care of that in style.


4) +Photo Zoom 

Finally, there's +Photo Zoom from Sebastian Mauer. We use this all the time because people insist on posting tiny pictures. This extension provides the perfect solution by letting you "zoom in".

What are your "Must have" extensions? Let us know here, or discuss it on Google+

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