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What Is Google Plus And Do I Need It?

+Thomas Morffew talking about Google+ in an interview with +Murray Newlands for the "Future of Engagement" series.

Google Plus Experts LIVE: Video Now Available.

The recording of our Google Plus Experts LIVE broadcast is now available on YouTube.

Check it out below:

Many thanks to our guest Chris Lang, Gideon Rosenblatt and Mark Traphagen for taking part.

Google Plus Experts LIVE ON-AIR

Announcing our FIRST On-Air Hangout. 

We decided to kick things off with a bang, so we've invited not One, not Two, but THREE Google+ experts (plus host +Thomas Morffew) to give their opinion on all things Google+ and answer YOUR questions LIVE. (submit your questions in the comments on this post

The hangout will feature Social Analytics Guru +Chris Lang ("The Nostradamus of Google"), Virante's Director of Social Media Marketing +Mark Traphagen and Technologist +Gideon Rosenblatt ( What is Google+? (really)

We start at 10am EST (that's 3pm BST for the UK). 

British Newspaper The Guardian Adds Google +1 Button

Although the majority of major news sites have realized the worth of adding the Google +1 button, there have been some notable hold-outs, including British newspaper The Guardian.

That has now all changed.

Great to see more sites waking up to the potential of Google+ and realizing the effect that becoming part of the Google ecosystem can have.

Hotkey Shortcuts for Google+

I posted a couple of things on G+ today about Hotkeys for Google+. Here's the tips we posted:

Link to Google+ post / Link to original infographic

Link to Google+ Post

The New Google+ Profile: 3 Things You Must Know.

UPDATE March 2013: this article is now out of date as the Google+ Profile Page has been updated again.

1) Photo Changes 

Google have introduced a Cover Photo to Google+ Profiles. (It's got a minimum size of 940x180) You also have the option of keeping the old style five scrapbook images.

The Profile picture is also bigger (250x250) which means you need to up the quality of those blurry profile pics you reused from Twitter last year.

2) New Hovercard

Previously the "Hovercard" (the pop up image when you mouse over someone's name on G+) was made up of just your Profile Picture and one line of text that was determined by an often confusing process.

Now it's simple. You have your profile picture, cover photo and up to three editable boxes (Work, Study, Place)

Ticking the "Current" box for Work and Study and making them Public ensures they show up. Also recommend that you place some "About" info after the Employer name.

The "Places Lived" b…

Google+ Android App Gets Hashtag Support And Better Mobile Sharing

Google is rolling out an update to it's Android app with support for Hashtags and Rich Snippet sharing.

Google's Anish Acharya has more:

Today, a new version of the Google+ Android app is rolling out with a few exciting new features, including one of our top user requests: richer snippets of the stuff you share from web pages and other apps. 

Now when you share a link from the web on your Android device, it will appear as a detailed, high quality blurb on your post. Check it out in the album below!

Other features to enjoy:

- Hashtag support in the Stream
- More bug fixes and performance improvements

Get the new app from Google Play here:

And as always, let us know what you think! 

See his Google+ post here

Google+ Training Day in London.

Training Day in London - Using Google+ for Personal Branding, Business and SEO.

This training day has now finished, but contact us for upcoming dates near you!

Still a few places left for the G+ Training Day that +Thomas Powerand +Thomas Morffew are holding in London. 

Date: Tuesday, April 24th
Time: 8am - 9pm
Location: Giraffe, Top Floor, 11 Frith Street, Soho, London, W1D 4RB

Contact us here, or contact+Thomas Powerand +Thomas Morffew on Google+ for further details and to book a place.

Google completely redesigns Google+

Google has completely redesigned the Google+ UI.

Check out the videos below for more and the official blogpost here

Connect Your Google+ Page With Google Analytics (Coming Soon)

Website DutchCowboys has spotted a presentation showing Google+ Pages integrated with Google Analytics. It's what everyone who manages Google+ Pages has been waiting for and is very exciting news.

The presentation shows that Audi is already trialing the new feature, so fingers crossed that it will be rolled out to the rest of us very soon. We'll obviously let you know as soon as we hear anything.

Read more here

Announcing Google+ Training Day In London

+Thomas Morffew and +Thomas Powerare putting together a number of G+ events over the next few months. This is the first one.

Time: Start at 8am and finish at 9pm including dinner. 
Date: Tuesday, April 24th. 
Address: 9 Adam Street, London. 

Register via the link or send us your mobile number and we'll call you. (There are only 20 places available for this first event.)

Why The New Blogger Google+ Gadgets Are Important

Short video discussing the importance of the new Blogger Google+ gadgets (think Authorship and Publisher markup and Google+ SEO) and why you should be using them right now.

Google Improves Google+ Suggested Follows

Since Google+ started, the "You Might Like" box over on the right-hand side has been routinely ignored by many users, mainly because it would constantly show People that you had (a) uncircled (b) refused to circle, or (c) celebrities. That has now all changed as Google has started showing recommended Pages.

I logged on this morning and was immediately shown a ton of Pages that were (a) relevant and (b) interesting. As a result I've been circling new Pages all day.


Great to see that Google has finally got this sorted out and made the "You Might Like" box a genuine tool for discovery.

How To Do Circle Notifications In Google+

Now and again you'll receive a notification about a Post in Google+. Occasionally something spammy, but sometimes useful.

When (if) you click through to view the post, you'll often notice that the Post is set to Public. In that case how did they notify you? Here's how it works, the (dark) art of Circle Notifications.

1) Start a normal Post

2) Add the Circle you want to notify.

3) Click on the Circle label and tick the box that says "notify about this post".

4) Share.

And there we go. Simple isn't it? Now use your new-found powers wisely (please).