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Google Plus Local

Google has released a new feature called Google+ Local. Essentially it's an integration of Google Places into Google+ with lots of additional features.

Check out the videos and links below for more info.

Go here to find out more:

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Google Plus Training

We've put together a Google+ training course for businesses of all sizes, from large corporate organizations to SMEs and executives.

Setting Goals on Google Plus

When you're starting out on Google+ (or any social media), or even if you've been using it for a while, you need to set Goals. Why? Well.....

Google Launches Hangouts On Air Worldwide

Google has officially announced that the Hangouts On Air (HOA) Feature will soon be available to everyone Worldwide.

Hangouts On Air are a way for anyone to broadcast live. Not only on Google+, but also on their Website and YouTube. Google records the whole thing automatically and puts it up on YouTube.

Check out the official Google video below.

[Video] The 4 Steps to Make Google+ Profiles and Pages Work For You

In this short video, +Thomas Morffew explains the four simple steps that you can use to get your Google Plus Pages and Profiles working together.

The TL;DR >>>> Set up properly, know your roles, raise awareness and engage

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