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Google Plus Training

We've put together a Google+ training course for businesses of all sizes, from large corporate organizations to SMEs and executives.

Any training will be led by Thomas Morffew

Obviously the details of any training course will depend on individual requirements and capabilities and will be tailored to your organisation, but as a general guide you can expect the course to cover:

Profiles (Building and Management)

Ensuring that profiles are filled out correctly and optimized.
Guidelines for ongoing maintenance. 
Explanation of the relationship between Profiles & Sear

Pages (Building and Management)

Optimization for SEO purposes and increasing engagement
Key differences between Pages and Profiles, as well using them both together in teams.
Connecting Pages with external websites

Circles (Building and Management)

Creating and maintaining Circles. 
Different models/uses. 
Circles for internal and external communication. 
Receiving vs Broadcasting.

Engagement (Circles, Posts, Comments, +1's, Hangouts) 

"How to" guidelines and etiquette.
Effective and efficient use of all the available features.
Use cases, for both external and internal communication.
Google+ Communities
Initial set up
Guidelines for moderation and management
Promotion and growth

Google+ Collections

Highly effective Collection blueprints and templates
Setup and maintenance

Measurement and Analytics

How to effectively measure Google+ using both built-in and third party tools, as well as Google's own Analytics system.

Google Ecosystem

How all the Google products and services work together (Google+, Gmail, Apps, Drive, Search, News, Play, +1's, etc)

Contact Us for more information. 

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