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Can Flipboard and Google Plus work together?

Downloaded the new Flipboard Android app today to try it out. My main reason for doing so was the much discussed Google+ integration announced by Bradley Horowitz at LeWeb last Tuesday. (Great event btw. I was there and really enjoyed it.)Does Flipboard live up to the hype? In my humble opinion, yes. The app looks great and I enjoy "flipping" through the articles and posts. I hooked everything up ( FB, Twitter, G+, Reader, YouTube) and the result is great. TBH it takes a lot to get me away from the Google Reader app, which is still my favourite way to consume info, but Flipboard comes pretty close.The Google+ integration works for me and feels right. It's easy to share, +1 and comment while the look of the app easily matches the recently refreshed UI of the G+ App.Overall a definite +1 and recommended.To be continued.....

The Top 10 Brand Pages on Google+

As of June 12th 2012, these are the top 10 brand pages on Google+ according to+CircleCount

1. +Coldplay (2,251,767 followers)
2. +Angry Birds (1,940,521 followers)
3. +106 and Park (1,633,824 followers)
4. +The Hunger Games (1,579,231 followers)
5. +ESPN (1,573,143 followers)
6. +Pearl Jam (1,559,563 followers)
7. +FC Barcelona (1,540,823 followers)
8. +Cadbury UK (1,502,279 followers)
9. +Barack Obama (1,489,784 followers)
10. +Chelsea Football Club (1,456,787 followers)

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Upgrade Early To The New Google Plus Local Page

Got this from

Google is accepting volunteers to test an early upgrade to the new local g+ pages. Community manager Jade Wang says:

"we're taking volunteers to be considered for early upgrade to their local Google+ pages." "Please note that this is all still a test feature, so it's not for the faint of heart! Ready?,"
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