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Showing posts from August, 2012

Google+ Notification Changes

Google has made a small but (fairly) significant update to the Google+ notification system, but what does it mean for you?

Custom Google+ URLs Rolling Out

Google has announced that custom URLs are starting to roll out on Google+. Unfortunately it's only for Celebrities and Brands right now, but it's "coming soon" for everyone else.

Google+ Growth: US Traffic up 79% in three weeks.

Google+ US Traffic up 79% in three weeks. Will this be the stat that finally sees mainstream media wake up to the potential of Google+?

Google+ stats guru Morten Myrstad pulls out another set of stats from Experian Hitwise that show:
In the week ending 11th of August, Google+ had 39.2 million visits in the US, according to Experian Hitwise. Compared to 21.9 million in the week ending 21th of July, this is a growth of 79% in three weeks. The last four weeks, the weekly numbers have been 21.9, 26.9, 32.9 and 39.2 million visitors. These Stats are blowing away competing sites like LinkedIn and Pinterest whose numbers are far below Google+.

 Read Morten's whole post here.

Merge your Google+ Business and Local Pages

Google has announced that verification is now available for local pages created in Google+. This also means that you can merge Pages if you have a Local Page and a Google+ business page.