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What's the value of a Google+ +1?

What's the point of "+1's" on Google+? We try to explain a little bit more about how we think it works. (warning, opinion ahead).

I posted the above picture on Google+ earlier today and got an immediate reaction from some folks who disagreed. The essence of their comments was that it's not about the +1's, it's about the interaction. You don't get +1's in exchange for +1's, you get +1's in exchange for great content, reshares, comments, etc. And anyway, who cares about +1's unless you're some kind of Internet Marketer?

Yes, absolutely, so let's tackle those two points in turn.

You don't get +1's for +1's, (or do you?)

OK sure, it's not a great idea to go around +1'ng every damn post on Google+ expecting that they'll all +1 you back. That's not going to happen and it's a super quick route to someone's Blocked Circle if you fill up their notifications with +1's. However....  I'd definitely recommend using that +1 button a lot. It's a quick way to say "thanks for the share" and people do appreciate it. (I know, I know, it's not about the +1's). Would you rather have a "LOL", an "Awesome", or a +1?

So... I'm going to say YES! +1's do get you +1's, (with the disclaimer that you have to use them in the right way.) Obviously awesome content (posts and comments) will also get +1's, but you got to make sure that someone's around to hear the tree fall.

Right, but who cares about +1's? 

I do! It's not about a numbers game and "who has the most +1s", it's about interaction. Not everyone has time to make an awesome comment and I also value the guys and girls who (only) +1 a post. Don't undervalue the value of a +1 to others even if you don't want them for yourself!


A +1 is often enough and sometimes too much. but if you don't +1 at all, then I'd be worried.

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