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A Chromebook Review From a Google User.

Our review of the Samsung Series 3 Chromebook. Is the future in the Google Cloud?

First, a disclaimer.  I'm a heavy user of Google products and services, including Google+, Android, Reader, Chrome, Gmail, Drive, etc. so this review will be a little biased.

However, if you also use all the Google products and services (the "Full Google"?) then this review will help you assess whether the Chromebook is right for you in the context of the Google "ecosystem".

First Impressions

Out of the box, the Chromebook feels light and easy to carry around. I was a little concerned that it was going to "feel cheap", but the opposite was true. It feels like a premium product and the keyboard especially is excellent to type on. The touchpad is also fast and responsive

I've seen better screens, but Chromebook screen does the job for me. I wouldn't recommend editing prize-winning photos on it, but for it's perfect for writing email, documents, browsing, video and general online work and play.


I use Google+ a lot,  (I spend most of my working day on it) and as such the Chromebook needs to deliver here. It passed the test with flying colours and handled everything that Google+ (a notorious resource hog) could throw at it. (even Hangouts)


I love the integration with Drive and storing stuff in the Cloud just works. I haven't once felt constrained by it and you get a ton of free storage. (100GB with a new Chromebook!)

Multiple User Accounts

Again this just works. A different user can log in and all their Google stuff is just there.  Brilliant and very well implemented.


I do a lot of writing (this blog and elsewhere) and the as I said above the keyboard is excellent. One of the best keyboards I've used.

Battery life

I knew this was going to be good, but even I was surprised at how good this was. Awesome.


Chrome apps provide everything I need with a couple of exceptions:

1) Screen Recording

There's just no way to properly do this right now, so if you need, or want to make tutorial videos (for example) you're stuck. Hopefully something that can be fixed in the near future.

2) Android Rooting (ADB, Fastboot, etc)

This may be fixable, but I couldn't work it out easily and it forced me to turn the Windows laptop back on to root my Nexus 7. If someone knows how to do this on a Chromebook, give me a shout! (It's certainly not an issue that will affect many though, so no big deal)


So there you go. I've had an excellent experience with the Chromebook and I 100% recommend it to anyone who's looking for something new and those who want to further explore the Google Cloud ecosystem.

Any questions? Contact us or ask a question in our new Google+ Community

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