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Why We're Creating a Google+ Community

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Google+ Communities are brand new and everyone is rushing to create one. So why are we adding to the noise?

I've been debating this with myself for a few days (since Communities started). There's already a ton of "Google+ Help" communities out there so (a) is another one really needed? and (b) is it really necessary to add another layer to what we already do (Website, Google+ Page).

I think the answer to both questions is yes and here's why:

There's lots of communities, but they're not my Community

I've seen (and joined) lots of great Google+ Communities, but none of them so far are really 100% what I'm looking for. I'll dive into them, share posts, +1 and comment, but I still need a place to call my own. The G+ Resource is a necessary place to extend what we already do on our Website and Page.

You ask a question in our Community and you'll get an answer from us. Guaranteed.

Why create a Community when you already have a Page and/or Profile?

It adds another dimension. I like the idea of creating a (managed) space where people can come and ask questions and get answers. The main Google+ stream isn't always the best place for that.

So where is this Community?

Right here. Go check it out and I'll see you on the other side.

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