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Xmas Bonus: Google+ gets 24 new features.

Google have announced a massive 24 new features for Google+ that add new stuff right across the board.

There's updates for Android, Events, Hangouts and tons more.

For Android:

- on-the-go profile editing
- easier way to author content,
- subtle notice when there's new stuff to read.
- subscribe to mobile notifications from your favorite circles
- interact with Google+ Communities on your phone or tablet.
- photo improvements - full-size backups of your photos (up to 5GB free), in addition to the standard-size option (unlimited free storage at 2048px).
- photo spheres to the mobile stream.
- animated gifs
- birthday reminders
- lock screen widget


- send messages to specific guests and see who’s opened your invitation.
- guests can RSVP with the number of people they’re bringing


- extremely low bandwidth Hangouts.  (150 KB of bandwidth)
- expanded video for single participants


- swipe through photo albums inline;
- tap once to view photos in all their glory;
- subtle pan-zoom-scale effect to pictures in the stream.
- new conversation cards

And more! Check out the full post here and we'll be adding more here as we explore the shiny new stuff.

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