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Should You Put Everything On Google+?

With all the growth and engagement value that Google+ offers, do you still need a place to call your own?

Can You Monetize Google+ Communities?

Google+ Communities are proving a hit with users, but can they (should they) be monetized?

How I'm Using Google+ in 2013

A look at how Google+ can be used at the start of 2013.

Using Google+ for Q&A

With the death of LinkedIn Answers and Quora failing to go mainstream, is Google+ now the best place to ask and answer questions?

Google+ Communities get an update

Google has announced an update to Communities on Google+. It's a small update, but one with a significant effect.

Google+ Communities Notifications for Chrome

We take a look at a handy Chrome extension for managing Google+ Communities.

Your Google+ Strategy for 2013

Google+ has been a huge success for Google, with over 500m users, but how will YOU be using Google+ in 2013? We give you some suggestions.

Optimize your Page and Profile

Google+ Profiles and Pages are your key to establishing an authoritative identity online. First go here. Add a decent high-res photo and cover image. Fill out the "About" tab and add some links.

If you have a business, or brand and haven't created a Page yet, then go here to get started. Same rules apply as Profiles. Decent photos and fill out all the information.


Post something daily. A no-brainer, right? Then go do it. Be active to appear active. Activity creates engagement and visibility. Simple!

Google+ is made for big, good looking posts. Check out our video on this. Want some more examples? Here you go.


If you have a blog, or write any content online you'll need to get your Google+ Authorship sorted out. Why? AuthorRank is shaping up to be a big thing and you can already get your…