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Google+ Communities get an update

Google has announced an update to Communities on Google+. It's a small update, but one with a significant effect.

When Google+ Communities were first launched, any posts you made in a Public Community would be always visible on your Google+ Profile to anyone who visited it. These Community posts would also turn up in your followers streams if they were members of the same Community.

This has now changed slightly as +Brian Glick explains:

Community posts are a great way for people to see your different interests when they visit your Google+ profile. But some of you have asked for a way to keep community posts separate from the rest of your Google+ posts. 

Today we're adding a new setting that lets you do just that! Simply visit, look for the new "Communities" section, and make your choice. (We'll be rolling this out gradually.)

What does this mean for you?

So... your followers (and other Community members) will still see your Public Community posts in the Stream and if you don't make any changes those Community posts will still be visible on your Profile page. However you now have the option to remove them if you wish.

Is this a good thing?

Some users have celebrated this as exactly what they were looking for, while others have complained that it helps spammers by enabling them to hide their Public Community activity (eg posting the same thing in dozens of places.)

I know that as a Community moderator (here for example) I've found the previous setup to be helpful in identifying a post as spam. However, I do understand that many users felt that the Community posts were cluttering their Profile.

Personally I'm going to be leaving mine where they are. I think that Community posts are a good way to show your interests (as well as promote your Community.)


You can now remove Community posts from your Google+ profile. This could be good, or bad depending on your viewpoint. 

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