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Google+ Communities Notifications for Chrome

Google+ Communities Notifications Extension

We take a look at a handy Chrome extension for managing Google+ Communities.

Google+ Communities are brand new and in the usual rush to try new things, many of us have overloaded on them and simply joined too many. It can be a hassle to trawl through the Community Page at Google also provides a quick link to Communities on the left hand of the Home page, but it's far from an ideal way of checking on things and you can't be on Google+ all the time, right?  Lastly, there's an option to receive email, or G+ notifications directly but that can also turn into a huge management headache.

I've long been a fan of +YungSang NaN 's awesome Google+ Page management extension which helps you check on notifications for your Google+ Pages. Now he's released a new (beta) extension, which helps you manage your Google+ Communities from anywhere on the web (provided you use Google Chrome). I've been reviewing it for a while and it's now become an essential part of my daily Google+ routine.

The key features (adapted from the website) :

  • Get notifications of all your Google+ Communities from anywhere
  • Communities(tabs) are sorted by the number of new posts and the timestamp of the latest activity in each Community, (except the Community last selected, which will be on the left hand side and loaded automatically.)
  • Posts in a Community(tab) will be sorted by the timestamp of the latest activity in each post. (The latest timestamp will be displayed as well, instead of the posted timestamp.)
  • Posts with light pink background color are new.
  • Posts with light yellow background color have been updated since you last opened the Community. (It includes edited and commented activities, but +1'd and reshared.)
  • Option to choose which Communities are shown.

The last feature is the killer one for me. Rather than get a big mess of notifications I can choose a small number of Communities and only see those notifications.

Of course clicking on a Community from within the extension window takes you straight to that Community, where you can instantly respond. Another huge time saver.

Go check the extension out at . It's not in the Chrome Webstore, so you'll need to install it slightly differently. (instructions are on the site).

If you have any questions about this article feel free to get in touch, or leave a post in our Google+ Community.

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