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How I'm Using Google+ in 2013

A look at how Google+ can be used at the start of 2013.

I wrote an article a couple of weeks ago giving suggestions on a Google+ strategy for 2013. This article's going to be a little different as it focuses on how I'm personally using Google+ at the moment and going forward over the next few weeks/months.

Short introduction to me

Who am I? Well, my name's +Thomas Morffew and I've been writing this blog since Google+ started, way back in the Summer of 2011. (time flies! crazy...)

I was on Google+ from day one thanks to a invite from a friend, but I've always felt that I was using Google+  for a long time before that because the basic foundation is so similar to Google Buzz, (remember Buzz?) which I was a big fan of. As Google+ has grown, I've grown with it and currently spend most of my working day using the service.

Yep... most of my working day.

It's crazy, isn't it? Who's got time at work to play around on Google+ all day? That's the thing though, Google+ is my work. If you look up at the top of this website, you'll see a link that says Google+ Coaching and Training and that's what I do. I spend my days talking to people, businesses and brands and helping them make the most of Google+. It's my work of course, so I charge for it (a very reasonable fee).

When I'm not working with clients I explore Google+ and use it pretty much as a the average person does,  +1'ng, commenting, sharing links, pictures and videos, using hangouts, etc. Google+ users are awesome and I've got tons of friends on the service who are very active on a daily basis.

Profiles, Pages and Communities

However... the introduction of Google+ Communities has really shaken up how I use Google+ and it should change how YOU use the service too.

Communities have basically opened a new space for discussion on Google+. It's now easy to find active discussion on the topics that you care about and it's easy to find people to discuss that stuff with.

But where does that leave Profiles and Pages?

Here's how I'm doing things right now.


Your Profile is YOU on Google+ (easy to forget!) I use my Profile to broadcast, comment, +1 and generally do all the "engagement" I need and want to do. From a business perspective my Profile is of course connected to what I write on here using Google Authorship and that helps push traffic (and of course potential clients) over to


I see Pages as purely a broadcast tool. They're the front window of the store, the local advertisement, the PR piece. I publish stuff on Pages, link to websites, etc and those people interested in what the Page has to say can just Circle it and follow what I publish. I don't comment, or really engage with my Pages, I leave that for the Profile.

So... Communities?

This is my focus right now. As I said earlier, Communities have created a new kind of space on Google+ and one I'm going to be using a lot more over the coming days/weeks/months. For me Communities represent a great opportunity to rearrange the way I use Google+ and adjust the balance between my everyday engagement and paid client time.

Rearrange? Adjust the balance? 

Well, all I can say is stay tuned for now and things should become clear early next week, when I'm planning to announce something new....

As always, you can follow me +Thomas Morffew on Google+, follow my Page +The G+ Resource, or join our Community

Alternatively you can get in touch here.


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