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Should You Put Everything On Google+?

With all the growth and engagement value that Google+ offers, do you still need a place to call your own?

OK, if you've just come for a quick opinion, here is the tl;dr:

Don't move all your content onto Google+.

What am I talking about? Well, there's been some discussion about the concept of using Google+ as a blog. Essentially moving all your stuff onto there and in some extreme cases pointing your domain at a Google+ Profile, or Page.

Here's why I think you shouldn't do that:

Google+ is built around the concept of identity (individual, or brand). One use of that identity is to stamp a signature on your content. (Author, Publisher).

Google intends for you to have an external site/blog, put your content on it and use Google+ to build authority and connect with others. This is so they can pick up signals about you and your content and use it to better "organize the world's information".

This is why exists and rel=publisher.

Here's what Google says about Google+ Pages for example:

If you’ve created a Google+ page, we strongly recommend linking from that page to your website and vice versa. Linking your Google+ page and your site like this not only helps you build relationships with friends and followers, but also gives Google information we can use to determine the relevancy of your site to a user query in Google Web Search. It also makes your site eligible for Google+ Direct Connect. 


But Google+ is great for engagement right?

You're not wrong. Google+ Communities are a fantastic way to engage an audience and get the conversation going. Your Google+ Profile and Business Page is (in my opinion) the best way to both establish an awesome identity online and get the word out about the awesome stuff you do. PLUS (see what I did?) it's all linked up to the huge Google juggernaught (Search, Android, Chrome, Apps, Drive, Adwords, Adsense, etc, etc)

I enjoy running Google+ Communities and I get a lot of value out of them. I even have a Paid Community (crazy, I know). I get great interaction on Google+ and make great connections with people I want to connect with.


Your Content and your Identity needs more room to breathe. Somewhere where you can put your stamp on it. That's your Website. or your Blog. Somewhere where you can build something.


I think you should be hosting your Communities on Google+, making your Google+ Profile and Page your identity and using them to connect with others, but... you still need a home to call your own.

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