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Using Google+ for Q&A

With the death of LinkedIn Answers and Quora failing to go mainstream, is Google+ now the best place to ask and answer questions?

I was looking through my Google+ stream this morning and saw a post about the upcoming death of LinkedIn answers.

After reading the linked article it turns out that LinkedIn is closing the service because only 35,000 people used LinkedIn Answers in December. Given LinkedIn's claimed 200 million members that means that slightly less than 0.02 % of all members used the service.

Despite heavy media coverage, Silicon valley favourite Quora has also failed to go mainstream worldwide, with unique monthly visitors still less than 2 million.

Enter Google+.

It's seen massive growth in the last year and now boasts in excess of 500 million users. With strong benefits for genuine experts like Authorship and the new Google+ Communities it's never been a better time to get involved with Google+.

From personal experience I know that whatever question I need answered, there's a Google+ user, or a Google+ Community there to help me. Professionally it's also a great way to build authority around a particular topic and become known as an "expert".

What you can do today.

> Make sure you've joined Google+ and optimized your Profile page.

> Use Google Authorship to identify experts in different areas (you'll see their faces in Search results, or by searching on Google+). Click through to their Google+ profile and "Circle" them to follow their posts. You can also ask a question directly by +mentioning them on Google+.

> Set up your own Google Authorship and connect your Google+ profile to your blog/website so people can find YOU.

> Join a few Google+ Communities that cover the topics you want answers for (and those topics where YOU can answer questions.)

> Profit!

If you've got more questions about how to use Google+ effectively, why not join our Google+ Community, or follow +Thomas Morffew and +The G+ Resource.

Alternatively Get in Touch and we'll be glad to help.

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