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A Google+ Lesson

How does a potentially great post about Google+ become a Google+ fail?

I was clicking around on the internet this morning and found an article on Social Media Explorer entitled "How to earn a black belt in Google+".

Well, Google+ is my thing, so I clicked on the article and started reading. It was (in my opinion) a pretty good article with some excellent tips, so I started the process of sharing it into Google+.

When I was sharing it I thought I would give the author some extra credit by +mentioning him in the post. I found his profile and...... oh.

Wait, there must be some mistake right? Where were his posts? Greg had just written a great article about Google+ so he must post Publicly right?

Nope. Nothing.

OK, so I went back to the article. Maybe I had the wrong author. There was actually another Author listed, so maybe it was her and I was confused? I went to her Google+ profile:

Oh dear.

Back to the article. It actually says at the bottom of the article page: For more, chat with Greg on Google+.  How can I do that? He doesn't post anything I can comment on. Maybe he means contact him via his profile? Nope, he doesn't have that turned on either. (here's how you do that) 

What's the lesson here?

If you're going to talk the talk, don't forget to walk the walk as well. Start with the basics like clearly indicating an Author on your article page and maybe actually using the social network you claim to know about.

A Google+ Black belt? Long way to go yet I'd say. Better get back to Painting the Fence 

UPDATE: I'm glad to say that after reading this article Author +Greg Narayan started posting Publicly on Google+. Good for him!


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