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The G+ Resource Community on Google+

Are you a member of our G+ Resource Community on Google+? You should be.

If you follow us on Google+ you'll know we run a Community that's full of helpful advice, Google+ (and Google) news and lots of great people who are always there to answer questions and discuss how to get the most out of Google+.

Here's some examples of stuff that we've talked about in our Community over the last couple of months.

Google+ users are sticky. (in a good way!) -

Google+ posts worth reading -

What does it take to get a 'verified' Google Plus Profile? -

Managing Circles on an iPad -

Content Marketing on Google+ -

The most amazing use of Hangouts ever? -

And tons more! The Community is Public and free to join, so just hop on over to and click on the join button.

See you there!

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