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Brand Building on Google+: Page or Profile?

OK, so you're using Google+ as a business. Why do you need a personal profile and a business page? What's the point?

This question came up in our Google+ Community. Our Community member +Joanna Brown asked:

 I have just created a Google business page - because I was told it was a good idea.  Now I am not sure what it is for. I have this Google+ profile, where I chat to people, link to my website, highlight my Blog and so on. What different content should be on the business page?

My answer was that you need to turn the question around. What content shouldn't be on your business page?

I think most people would agree that a Business Page isn't the place for personal stuff. You don't really want your Business Page complaining about the weather, chatting to others and generally socializing. Of course your Page should be a welcoming place, but don't confuse the shop for the shopkeeper.

OK. So, what should you share on your Google+ Business Page?

Share great content. Blog posts, industry news, local news. Share things that brand your business appropriately. Think about it as a shop window and put all kinds of cool, shiny things there to pull the customers in.

Also, add contact details! Link your website, put your address if people visit your premises, add a phone number and email if appropriate and generally make it easy for people to do business with you

So... Can I share business stuff on my personal profile?

You are a business person right? It's part of what you do isn't it? Share away. The cool thing about a personal profile though is that you can add loads of extra value in the form of opinion and comment.

It's not just about sharing posts though. Your personal profile can get out there and really be social. Networking, joining Google+ Communities, commenting, +1'ng, resharing, etc.


Consider also adding a Google+ Community into the mix. It's a great way to increase conversation, aid conversion and build (surprise, surprise) a Community around your business. The combination of a Google+ Profile, Google+ Page and Google+ Community is really powerful.

(Don't forget to make the Page the owner of the Community if you want the Community appearing on your Business Page.)


OK! That's all for now.... Got any questions about this article, or something related? Contact Us,

Thanks to Joanna Brown web content creator at for letting us use her question as an example.


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