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The Google+ Habit: Part 1 - Identity

First in a series of posts looking at Google+ as a part of your daily routine.

I'm going to be publishing a series of short posts this week looking at different aspects of Google+ and how they can form part of a "Google+ Habit". A good starting point for that "Google+ Habit" is your Google+ profile. 

First Steps

Go to your Google+ Profile (found at and click on where it says "View profile as Yourself" (right hand side, above the Circles.) and change it to "Public".

You're now viewing your profile page as anyone online will see it if they visit that page. Scary, huh? If you haven't done this before I bet you've just noticed a few things you didn't really want everyone to look at.

Go to to change your profile privacy settings if you need to:

You can also change the privacy settings of each individual section on the "About" Page, (Story, Work, etc) by clicking the "Edit" link on each section (you'll need to switch back to viewing the profile as "Yourself".)

That's also how you change the content of each section. (Your "Story", Work details, Contact details, etc).

(Yes, you do need to add content, if you want people to know stuff about you. The average visitor to your profile is not a mind-reader. Crazy, but true.)

You can of course also change your profile picture image and cover image. Try to have something that is in a decent resolution and a profile picture that is (relatively) current.

What does all that have to do with a "Google+ Habit"?

You should get into the habit of reviewing the above regularly. Here's some things to consider:

  • What does my profile say about me?
  • Is that what I wanted it to say?
  • Can people contact me easily though my profile?
  • Is the information on the profile up to date? (contact details, links, work, your "story".)

DO NOT "set and forget" your profile. Things change. Make sure that your profile reflects that.

Remember “Quality is not an act, it is a habit.” (Durant on Aristotle)

Next in the series: The Google+ Habit: Part 2 - Listening


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