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The Google+ Habit: Part 3 - Sharing

Third in a series of posts looking at Google+ as a part of your daily routine.

I'm going to be publishing a series of short posts this week looking at different aspects of Google+ and how they can form part of a "Google+ Habit". We looked at "Listening" in yesterday's post and now it's time to examine how "Sharing" could be part of that Habit.

Why Share?

Sharing is the heart of "Social Media". You can "be on" a social network by putting up a profile page, but sharing is the first step into a larger world.

Sharing makes you more visible.

Sharing encourages engagement.


Get into the habit of sharing things regularly on Google+. Public, private, epic blog posts, videos, interesting links, curated content, Hangouts, events, pictures, CONTENT.

Things to consider:

Why are you sharing? 

Are you signing on for the day? Promoting something? Sharing bad news? What's your reason for posting something right now?

Who are you sharing with? 

Privately to your Circles? Publicly, so it turns up in search results? Are you sharing to a Community that shares your interest? Are you broadcasting live to the world via a Hangout on Air?

How are you sharing?

A picture tells a thousand stories right? How about a video? Short blog post, or epic tl;dr? Does your post look good? If it doesn't look good, is that the impression that you want to give people?

Google+ is great for big content, but it can be intimate too.

When are you sharing?

Timezones matter. I'm not likely to read something at 4am. I might go back over stuff later, but isn't it better to catch your intended audience at a good time? However, if you're automating and scheduling your posts are you there to respond to a question?

The Sharing Habit

Develop a habit of thinking about what you're sharing. If you're mindful of what you're sharing then your shares will matter more and that's what we all want right? Otherwise why are you sharing?

Remember “Quality is not an act, it is a habit.” (Durant)

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