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The Google+ Habit: Part 4 - Engaging

Fourth in a series of posts looking at Google+ as a part of your daily routine.

I'm going to be publishing a series of short posts this week looking at different aspects of Google+ and how they can form part of a "Google+ Habit". We looked at "Sharing" in yesterday's post and today we'll look at "Engaging".

Why Engage?

You'll hear the word "engage" a lot when people talk about "Social Media". It's a trendy buzzword that fits nicely in phrases like "Return on Engagement". What does it actually mean? How can you "engage" on Google+ and why bother?

Social Actions

Here's another trendy phrase for you. "Social Actions". What do I mean by that? By "Social Actions", I basically mean "things that you can do on Google+". For example:

Share / Reshare
+1 a Comment
+1 a Post
Circle (or uncircle)

The simple message here is that you should be making "Social Actions" a habit. How many comments have you made on Google+ today? How about comments on other people's posts? How many posts have you +1'd today? How many comments have you +1'd? Do you +1 your own posts? (don't do that.)

What about Hangouts? How many Communities have you joined? (and actively participate in.)

Make "social actions" a habit.

I bet you already know this, but are you putting it into practice? Are you actively taking time out of your day (even if it's just 5 mins.) to engage with others using social actions? Or are you just posting your latest blog post?


If you're doing the above everyday then great! That's the first step. How about when people comment on your posts, or ask you a question? Do you reply back? +1 their comment? Or are you just leaving people hanging?

Make a habit of replying to people.

If you've set up a Community this becomes even more vital. How many Community posts are you leaving unmoderated and unresponded to?

If you've set up a Page, are you responding to people who engage with you?

Make a habit of engaging.

You don't have to engage on Google+. You can "be active" by popping in once a week and posting your blog post. But if you don't engage with others, don't expect them to engage with you.

Simple isn't it?

Remember “Quality is not an act, it is a habit.” (Durant)

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