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The Google+ Habit: Part 5 - Quality

Fifth in a series of posts looking at Google+ as a part of your daily routine.

I've been publishing a series of short posts this week looking at different aspects of Google+ and how they can form part of a "Google+ Habit". We looked at "Engaging" in yesterday's post and today we'll look at "Quality".


Yes, quality. Put simply, are you checking for quality in your Google+ activity? Are you 100% certain of the quality that you're putting out there everyday? Also, are you 100% certain that you're letting quality information in? Get into the habit of checking for quality.

Make a habit of checking your incoming for quality.

What kind of information are you looking at? Are your Circles good quality? Are the Communities you've joined good quality? Is your Google+ Stream good quality?

If it's not, then change it. Uncircle, Leave, Circle and Join. No point in wasting time on those that waste your time.

Make a habit of checking yourself for quality.

Are your posts well formatted? Are they readable and attractive? Are you letting typos slip through the net? Do your posts look "authentic"? When you share a link, does the link description and picture look good?

Make a habit of measuring results for quality.

What are the indicators of quality for you? What are quality results? Maybe you're looking for more reshares, +1's, followers, or comments. Maybe activity is itself enough of a reward for you. However, many us will also be looking for more business, clicks and a return on our time invested.

How can you measure results? 

An easy indicator is simply looking at what happens. Watch the numbers on your posts. You may want to take it a step further though and use tools like Google+ Ripples, or Google Analytics. Maybe checking your stats on websites like, or Set goals to test yourself.

Make a habit of quality

Quality in and quality out. You can't go wrong with that. Just make a habit of keeping it that way.

This is the last article in this series. (for now) Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed these articles we encourage you to follow us on Google+ and we look forward to seeing you there.

Remember “Quality is not an act, it is a habit.” (Durant)

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